Oh You Sassy, Huh?
Introducing the Sassy Collection, a collaboration with American illustrator Kendra Dandy, that supports and celebrate Black Artists #BLM
Go on and get sassy
Sugarmat: A world of beauty lives yogis who surrounds themselves with magic beauty.

Savor every little moment in your yoga practice with these beautiful products and take your practice to the next level. We design pretty and intuitive products that simply gets you. Be present in the moment with beauty surrounding you.

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We’ve curated essentials to help you continue your heart openers and back bends to bring you comfort and ease, even in your own space.

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Why choose us?

We believe in creating beautiful moments in your daily practice and take your asana to the next level.

We design pretty and intuitive products that simply gets you, and therefore adding beauty and positivity in your life.

We stay in touch with our real Sugar yogis to give what you want (and because we enjoy it!).

Reviews from sugar yogis!

Astonishing - I am in love with my sugary mat. The design is terrific & material is perfect.

Zahra from Australia

A total beauty - The bolster is perfection! The firmness is just right. Not too soft, not too firm.

Alexia from Europe

This is by far my favorite mat. It gets stickier as you sweat, making it easy not to slip!

Nicole from Houston
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