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From yoga mats and beach towels to props and wear, these items have captivating yogis' around the world.


From One of The World’s Best Galleries

The Masterpiece Collection, a treasure trove of some of the world’s most celebrated artworks, now on your Sugarmat. A partnership with National Gallery, London.


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We believe in creating beautiful moments in your daily practice and take your asana to the next level.


We design pretty and intuitive products that simply gets you, and therefore adding beauty and positivity in your life.


We stay in touch with our real Sugar yogis to give what you want (and because we enjoy it!).

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 I am in love with my sugary mat. The design is terrific & material is perfect.


Sidney, Australia


The bolster is perfection! The firmness is just right. Not too soft, not too firm.


Valencia, Spain


This is by fay my favourite mat ever. It gets stickier as you sweat, making it easy not to slip!


Houston, USA


Beautiful design and good quality very recommended. Really good grip because moisture absorption!

Teresa M.