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Featured Yogi Mama: Gasya

Gasya Akhmetova-Atherton, Cirque de Soleil artist, social media queen, and a Yogi mama! Find out her experience of doing yoga practice with her little ones and more.

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Fashion Crush

Fashion and yoga journalist, Margo, shares her experience with with sugarmat on her Beauty and the Beat fashion blog.

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NEWS: The Wendy Williams Show

Celebrity TV Host Wendy Williams takes a hot yoga lesson on her Sugarmat on her New Tork City TV Show 'The Wendy Williams Show'.

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Featured Yogi: Maria Pilot

A close up into this outdoor adventurer and traveler, yogi!

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Our fav Yogis on Sugarmats

Explore some of the most inspiring North American yogis on their Sugarmat yoga meditation life!

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Fantasy Tropics
The New Collection

Discover the story and inspiration behind Sugarmat's most extravagant and glamorous collection yet. From Sanskrit names to exotic snakes, get a closure look into our artists' inspiration.

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