fantasy tropics

Filled up with exotic flora over fauna, Fantasy Tropics is our most extravagantly glamorous collection yet. Vibrant colours, vivid illustrations and figures, and strong contrasts embellish the premium synthetic suede surface, invitation to explore a fantasy journey. The Fantasy Tropics collection is composed of six unique art pieces, each with their own personality and essence - from majestic colourful peacocks to fearless felines. Our artists at Sugarmat were committed to bring you the most trendy patterns and illustrations for a full submersion into the Spirit of the Wild.

Fantasy Paksini (Birds)

Beautiful spring birds flying over a exotic flowers, extracting their nectars and essence.


Mystical cranes display their beauty on a mat that symbolizes eternal spiritual youth and happiness.

Color is life. Fantasy Mayurah symbolizes the integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors.

Agile and brave like a cheetah, we are can find the right alignment between mind, spirt and body.


Fantasy Nāga (Snakes)

There is just so much to look at on the Fantasy Naga - from shiny snakes to intrepid woodpeckers - this wild diversity is yours to discover.


Fantasy Śukaḥ (Parrot)


The most vibrant of the Fantasy Tropics collection, the Sukah mat is an exotic beauty adorned in colourful elegance and enveloped in magical mystery. 





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