Fashion Crush

Fashion and yoga journalist, Margo shares her experience with her new yoga mat.

"One thing that I learned early in my yoga practice was the importance of having a quality mat. There is nothing worse that practicing on a flimsy mat! Yoga mats usually aren’t considered fashion staples, but brands like Sugarmat are definitely disrupting this idea!

 Sugarmat is a line of designer yoga mats based in Montreal, Canada with eye-catching designs and a luxury look and feel. I received one to review on the blog and it’s definitely my latest fashion crush!"


"The first thing that caught my attention about this line, was of course the gorgeous prints and colors that the mats come in. I received the Cherry Blossom print from the Whimsial collection, which is a vibrant blue and pink combination."


"This is not a basic yoga mat. It’s eco-friendly and made from non-toxic materials, which is always a plus. The bottom is made with naturally biodegradable tree rubber and the top is smooth with a synthetic premium suede finish. The suede increases traction and absorbs sweat. 

They’re also customizable, so you can add a monograph and they’re machine washable–just hang dry and if you thought it couldn’t get any better, it’s reversible. Talk about creating a mat with the yogi in mind.. yes to all of this!"


"I’ve been practicing yoga on this mat for a couple of weeks and the more I spend time on it, the more I like it. Initially when I practiced on the mat, I did a pretty strong Vinyasa flow that caused me to sweat a lot, and it got a little slippery, I think I had to adjest to the suede top."

"When I practiced some strong standing poses and arm balances on the mat, outdoors, on an exceptionally warm Florida day, I was totally fine and felt strong and grounded on the mat. It felt great to move and flow despite the heat."

"Overall, this mat will definitely give you a luxe yoga experience. Plus, all of the gorgeous patterns and available prints are pretty hard to pass-up!"

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