Our favourite yogis on a Sugarmat

As the saying goes: fitness is the eternal topic of human beings.
Every time I see all kinds of yogis posting out on their Sugarmat yoga photoswhether it is single-leg wheeled or headstand, I feel motivated and empowered to push myself, increase my commitment and keep going on my fitness journey. 
Here are four sensational yogis that will keep you inspire with their powerful words and images.


"Early in the morning, I was on the sugarmat yoga mat, "Open" my heart and appreciate the world!
When you are alone, do not worry, do not be afraid, God for any one of the solitary TA, Always shaping the other can match it perfectly.Any "empty state" of things, will eventually be filled,so, your lonely will eventually go.

Think of the day you were sad, also think about how you eventually overcome,because only experienced hell can find heaven.The same, only to break the status quo to find the most of my own.
You can become "the survivors of this world".." - RebekahLetch



"..Today, rippling waves. At this moment, I remembered the sentence:"The deeper the sadness of life,the more happiness you will have". At the moment, the water waves through my open thoughts, now I'm fascinated by it, it is embraced by it ...Sugarmat strawberry yoga mat, always reminds me of strawberries all over the world,sweet, delicious, at your fingertips..." - Woodspine


"The body is the gift God has given us.If you feel that any "belongs to you" and your own into one, then you are on the road to crazy. Distinguish yourself and "belong to you" will help you alleviate a lot of unnecessary pain. Please hold your mind tightly, allow those "belong to you" to come and go over time." - Wearejared


"Take a deep breath, let yourself keep this posture a little longer.
After trying this yoga mat, friend said sugarmat fluffy touch, like her imitation elk coat, super comfortable." - Pocketdwarf

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