How to Choose Your Yoga Mat

How to Choose Your Yoga Mat


Sugarmat - How to choose a yoga mat

While it may look deceptively simple, choosing a yoga mat may actually be harder than you thought it would be. Yes — you could choose to use the one that was part of a welcome gift pack from your local gym — but anybody who’s tried to work out on one of those during the pandemic will tell you to decline those henceforth. We don’t mean to brag, but once you fall in love with the perfect designer yoga mat for you from Sugarmat, you won’t go back.

Choosing a yoga mat is a highly personal decision. Not only does it involve figuring out what kinds of activities you’ll do on it (yes, savasana all day everyday counts, too), you’d want to take into consideration where you’ll be doing your workouts and how sweaty you’d get.


If you are … a Beginner yogi, who needs more cushioning for your joints

Our best-selling, lightweight TPE mat is a great start. With a carrier strap included, you can take your mat outdoors, to your favourite yoga studio or simply practice at home. Our mats are eco-friendly and we’re strict about using non-toxic dyes on our products — we want to make sure your outside is as well taken care of as your inside when you’re practicing on our mat.

Plus, take your practice up a notch with our blocks and stretching strap.


If you are… a sweaty Betty who enjoys mixes things up

It’s Ashtanga one day, mat pilates next and a little bit of hip hop cardio the day after — you love to move and you probably get really sweaty when you do it too. Our Premium Suede mat is your perfect match. This baby is a heavyweight weighing at 1.7kg so it’s the perfect padding you need in your home so you don’t sound like a baby elephant stomping while doing your jump lunges and it won’t budge no matter how much you move. Plus, it’s anti-slip and we’ve got a ton of artist designs that will make you fall in love.

Alternatively, another hot favourite, our foldable, ultra lightweight travel will come in handy. With eye-catching designs by some of our favourite artists, it’s made of suede and tree rubber. The suede material gets grippier the more you sweat, so you’re not going to slide off your mat when you’re practicing Bikram. 

Try a more restorative yoga session and try our bolster. You’ll want to hug it to sleep.


If you are… a serious yogi/ fitness enthusiast who want space and width for your practice

Our top-of-the-line PU mats are your best bet. Made for durability, the PU mats are anti-slip to power you through your workouts, whether it’s a youtube cardio workout, or a power yoga session; your grip stays put whether your hands are dry or drenched with sweat. It’s the heaviest of all our mats, at 2.5kg, but it’ll last you long. 

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