Interview | The Artist Behind The Healing HeArt Collection

Meet Julia Contacessi


Tell us about your inspiration and thought process behind your Art?

My inspiration comes from the beauty and details of our surroundings. Color and the nuance of light play a huge role. I can obsess over color palettes, which I often plan in advance of any paint hitting the canvas, just trying to capture those subtleties. Also I am fascinated with the beauty of contrasting elements. The coast is a great example where the fluidity of water collides with the rough gritty texture of sand.


How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a details person, and usually find beauty in the simplest of things. I’d actually say that my style is a combination of warm, modern and timeless. I love the freshness of clean lines while still feeling and comfortable. I tend to keep things minimal but like a pop of color or drama. Layering that with personal touches are what all add up to feeling good.




How do you think your artwork fits with yoga?

So I am actually thrilled to pair my work with yoga because much like a meditation, I seek to share a sense of calm and wellbeing through my paintings. Both in the practice of creating my work and when a view engages with it, I strive for a moment where everything comes together, everything makes sense and that’s when I have to catch my breath. It’s fascinating and wonderful, while at the same time, a struggle. That’s why I paint. That might be why others practice yoga.




The name of the collection is Healing He(Art), how does your artwork inspire getting over one’s heartbreaks?

Because my style is single-minded and focused on the simplicity of beauty in the moment, I hope that provides a safe transitional place to journey from hurt to healing. My goal is to drown out the noise and clutter to find a sense of calm. The end result can be a momentary escape or a fresh start.


Do you have a personal story about getting over your heartbreaks and the lessons you’re learnt?

There is not one heartbreak or struggle that I can share, but rather my daily journey to find balance in the contradictions and grittiness of everyday life. I like to look straight ahead, at the next step on the journey. Looking too far beyond that can be daunting or overwhelming. I try to remind myself to cherish the moment and take a breath. Painting helps me do that. So if I can share anything — it’s to find your passion and invite it in. Don’t under estimate the joy it can bring.



Tell us more about your collaboration with Sugarmat.

Sugarmat embodies so much of what brings me joy in this world — beauty and balance, along with quality in the details. It’s an example of what inspires me, so when I was asked to collaborate I was over the moon. For this collection, I wanted to select light-filled and very fluid works to deliver a sense of journey that leads to warmth and love. Gold tones felt right. They are glamorous and luxurious, but can also be an awakening, literally with the shinning, metallic properties. Heikel and the team at Sugarmat were wonderful to collaborate with through the process. It’s just an amazing fit and I can’t be more thrilled with Healing Heart!


Is this the first time your artwork are printed on a yoga mat?

Yes! Now I have even more of a reason to perfect my warrior pose!

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