Monograming Tips

Whether you want to give an unique, memorable present to your beloved one, or you simply want to make your yoga mat super special, monograming your Sugarmat is the way to go! In so doing you are creating an unique gem. 
Perhaps it's your nickname or initials. 


Or an inspirational quote. You can literally monogram anything within 18 characters. Just remember to Keep it short and sweet. And make sure to double check your monogram before submitting it in order to avoid errors and misspelling.

Check out a few examples by some yogis out there.


*Do not forget that a space DOES count as a character! 


  • Amy

    Can i monogram on the OMG mat?

  • Ciara

    How does the gold or silver monogram look on the Dream Catcher No. 3 Blue?

  • Marakizioyogi

    Cant wait my sugarlicious mat????

  • Ryan

    Looks so lovely! Can’t wait for my own one !!

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