Unleash Your Inner Yogi Warrior: Here’s How

Unleash Your Inner Yogi Warrior: Here’s How

Like a boss! Like a boss! Repeat after us (and do it in a mirror if it’s close by), like a boss! You’re a Yogi Warrior whether you believe it yet or not. So start believing it! And from now on when you go to yoga class, you’re going to act like one. Where are we going with this? For starters, kindness. You’re kind to everyone you meet and you have no interest in bringing people down. Next, two words, embody confidence! Walk into any studio like you own the place. Or atleast like you deserve to be there. Be confident in how you walk, how you talk and in the way you move. As with any physical activity and a lot of people around, yoga can bring up some silly insecurities. It’s your job to look them right in the face, laugh at their ridiculousness and be the Yogi Warrior that you know you are.

Give Om your best shot

The universal sound Om. Familiar with it? If you’ve taken yoga before, you are. Om is a mantra, a vibration that is chanted at the beginning and/or at the end of yoga class. And if you’re shy, or not a fan of your own voice, it could be your least favorite part of class. If you’ve never taken a yoga class before, this part may throw you for a loop at first. The reason for chanting (or sometimes singing) Om is because it vibrates at the frequency of 432 Hz. Ok so what does that mean?? Well, it’s the same vibrational frequency found in everything in nature. So Om is viewed as the basic sound of the universe. By chanting Om you are said to be acknowledging your connection to the universe and all living things. Next time you’re in class, throw caution to the wind and go for that Om like you mean it. Channel your inner Mariah Carey and sing that Om as if you’re on the top of the world. Who cares if your voice could crack windows, it’s about your enthusiasm and confidence behind the Om. All together now, Ooooommmmm!!!

Shine baby shine

Let your individual style shine! Yoga clothes have come a long way so much so that now people are wearing yoga clothes to anything but yoga. Don’t be afraid to wear something revealing, something a little sexy or something over the top if that is your thing. Being shy won’t get you far, but being who you are will. If you wouldn’t categorize yourself as thin but you want to wear something a bit snug or sleek, do it! If the new patterned yoga pants feel like “too much”, then it means they are perfect, put them on! If your style feels too plain but you love it, it’s not too plain, it’s you! Everyone always admires the person who is comfortable in their own skin. So wear whatever it is that your heart desires. Be that person that inspires others to wear what they wish they wore but were too scared to.

Have the prettiest mat in the room

Your mat matters! Sugarmat has you covered there. Add joy and style to your yoga practice by having a mat that makes you want to get out into the world and do yoga. Not only are Sugarmat designs pretty and durable, they’re eco-friendly too. So you can now call yourself a conscious Yogi Warrior! Like a conscious Yogi Warrior! With so many different designs and looks to choose from, you are bound to find one that fits you to a T. It’s not about impressing everyone in the room but if you bring a Sugarmat to class, it comes with the territory. You’ll impress everyone in the room.

There’s a few ways we feel you can tap into your inner boss and be a Yogi Warrior. Let us know your suggestions on how to be a Yogi Warrior and also tell us if you’ve tried any of ours and how it went!.

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