Why You Need A Yoga Towel

Why You Need A Yoga Towel

So you already have about 3 too many Sugarmats (but is it really too many, though?), and now you’ve got your eye on our Jumble Jamboree collection. Do you really need a yoga towel in your life?

We don’t mean to be that brand that tells you you need everything from us, but you really do. Beyond the obvious fact that the Jungle Jamboree collection is freakin’ pretty, here are some reasons you should check your cart out, stat.


Your yoga practice shouldn’t be a slip n’ slide sesh

Slipping and sliding may be heaps of fun in the backyard at the height of summer, your yoga practice shouldn’t be it. If you’ve gone to a Bikram class in a studio, you know how slippery yoga mats can get once you work up a sweat. Sugarmat’s yoga towels have been designed to get grippier the wetter they get so they can handle even the hottest classes (or situations!).

The sweatier you are, the more you need one

No, a regular ole’ towel won’t do. A regular towel does not increase grip the wetter it gets, in fact, it does the complete opposite. Yoga towels, laid over a regular yoga mat can prevent prevent your mat from moving because it prevents sweat from seeping within. Plus, if you’re lucky enough to be able to practice in a studio during a pandemic, a yoga towel is the perfect layer of protection for hygiene above the studio’s mat.

You can throw it in the wash easily

In a time when everybody’s on top of the hygiene game (as germaphobes, we’re grateful!), a yoga towel is the perfect complement to your lifestyle. It’s thin and easily washable in your washing machine with regular colours once you’re done with yoga.

Pro tip: Spray your yoga towel with a little water before class, you can start your practice with increased grip instead of having to build up a sweat first. 

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