Choosing a yoga mat is a highly personal decision. Not only does it involve figuring out what kinds of activities you’ll do on it (yes, savasana all day everyday counts, too), you’d want to take into consideration where you’ll be doing your workouts and how sweaty you’d get.Read More
Looking for the little nudge to finally give yoga a go? If our pretty Sugarmats aren’t giving you enough reason, we’ve got some very good ones in our latest post. Happy International Yoga Month, yogis! Read More
There are some pits even Dalgona coffee can’t get you out of — and being quarantined months on end is definitely one of them. While we can’t jet you off to your yoga retreat in Ubud, here are some instant mood lifters you can try to help your mood.Read More
You eat well, you practice good hygiene and you even add adaptogens to your smoothies to make sure you’re in top shape — something more important than ever. While you’re putting your personal immunity as a priority, we’re here to remind you that yoga naturally uplifts your vitality ‚— and you never have to step away from your comfort zone, or your Sugarmat for that matter, while you’re at it.Read More
Taking your practice at home can be intimidating when you’ve always had an instructor to take you through your yoga practice in a studio. Like most of us have figured out by now, there are a lot of resources and that too, can get more than a little daunting. Luckily for you, you’ve got us to count on and here are some of our favourite youtube channels to help you take your yogi skills into your personal space.Read More