Dream of Marrakesh

Sugarmat X Rosie Harbottle

Sugarmat presents Dream of Marrakesh, a limited collection of ethereal yoga mats & accessories featuring the vibrant illustrations by prolific artist, Rosie Harbottle. Delve into the sensory wonderment of the mystical city right from the heart of your practice.

Travel mats 🐫

✓ Ultralight weight of only 1.1 kg
✓ Foldable to fit on your travel bag
✓ Synthetic suede for confident grip
✓ Durable water-based inks
✓ Sustainable and eco-friendly

Lux PU mats 💎

✓ Luxurious anti-slip PU surface
✓ High-density cushion, joint protection
✓ Synthetic suede for confident grip
✓ Eco-friendly packaging and yoga mat strap included
✓ Durable water-based inks
✓ Large surface for more practice space

Exclusive inspiring designs by Rosie Harbottle
Desert Dreaming

The magical labyrinthine of the desert is a wonder to behold. Expansive, yet full of secrets — just like the person you are.

Camels with Rugs

Midst the frenetic energy of the drum circles and the hypnotic storytellers of Marrakesh lies serenity in the magnificence of the mighty camel.


Put on your rose-tinted glasses and take flight — come on a journey with us to Marrakesh, where the streets are bustling and the colours are overwhelming and inspiration is abundant. A city of many identities, this mat is perfect for the girl who loves getting active.

Rosie Harbottle

"Travelling is hugely inspiring to me, it’s the change of pace, the smells, the change of landscape, the people. I always come back feeling refreshed and energized for new projects after experiencing a different culture or landscape." It's no wonder this collaboration with artist Rosie Harbottle for our Dreams of Marrakesh Collection, is set in the stars.

Rosie hand paints everything with watercolour and gouache and loves the process of choosing a colour palette, sketching the painting out first in pencil before putting brush to paper. She now creates work for stationery, editorial, fashion as well as personal paintings. Her whimsical style hopes to inspire a sense of wonder, imagination and add a touch of magic to your world.

Support girls' education

Each mat is connected to a charitable cause. You’ll be part of supporting Efamorocco, a charity founded in 2007, helping 12-18 year old girls living in rural & remote High Atlast regions with a lack of access to school. Brand supporters buying the collection will contribute a portion of its income to Efamorocco, making the stand for a girl’s right to an education. For 300 mats sold, we are able to sponsor one girl’s boarding and schooling at Efamorocco for a year.

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