How To Choose The Best Yoga Bolsters For Your Practice

How To Choose The Best Yoga Bolsters For Your Practice

There is nothing quite like restorative yoga armed with a yoga bolster— especially when it’s at the end of your day and all you need is a good low key stretch session. When practicing restorative yoga, it’s important to have all your joints and limbs supported so you’re using as little muscular energy to hold yourself up, thus the need to use props like yoga bolsters, blocks and even cushions. The bolster is a popular accessory used to provide comfort for support poses, and also deepen stretches during restorative poses and deep breathing sequences. 

Sugarmat’s yoga bolster is a standard bolster that has a flat top and wide profile making it very suitable for restorative yoga, whether laid flat, or slanted whilst propped up on the floor. It can be used for passive chest opening or even as a prop to support you when you can’t lie flat when you’re pregnant. The bolster is also incredibly helpful for anybody working through injuries - basically anything to encourage rest.

Beyond support for restorative poses, a yoga bolster also assists with your posture. Utilizing a yoga bolster in some positions may assist in elevating your bum, whilst putting your knees lower than your hips, a crucial factor when you’re practising yoga or meditating as it keeps your spine erect. 

Plus, it also helps your flexibility — for instance, have you ever attempted doing a split before you could actually do one? What actually happens is that your put your muscles and tendons in a position they’re not ready for so they end up tensing up from stage fright. Instead of pushing your body to positions it cannot go to yet, a yoga bolster can help you with your flexibility, until you attain that of a rubber band.

There are a multitude of ways to use the bolsters. Some of which include helping body circulation and chest openers. To do that, try the following:

Leg Circulation

Place your bolster under the knees during Savasana (corpse pose). It encourages a feeling of floating, especially since your legs are above the heart. This is particularly helpful when you’ve had a leg day, or you’ve had a leg injury too.

Abdomen & Gut Circulation

Place your bolster under the lower back for a supportive backbend , like the fish pose, bridge or easing into wheel.

Chest Circulation

Place your bolster lengthwise along the mid to upper back, neck, and head to open the heart chakra. Trust us, this is a good one after hovering the computer for hours!


    Our Sugarmat Yoga Bolsters, amongst the many best yoga accessories that you can buy online, is the perfect yoga BFF. With mixed density layers made up of recycled materials & PU foam, it’s not only eco-friendly, unlike many in the market, the cover is actually washable, durable and dirt resistant. We made it to make sure it will last a long time with you. It helps that it’s totally cute too. To care for it, simply toss the cover in the wash and leave the bolster out in the sun to get rid of any smells or mildew. Store in a dry area and air out after every use!

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