Shipping Policy

Your Package is in good hands. 

We ship internationally. Due to global logistics delay, kindly allow up to 7 working days for processing. You will receive an email with shipping information and a tracking number as soon as your package is sent.

Due to our shipping methods, here are our cancellation policies:

Express Shipping - 60 minutes after completing your order.
Standard Delivery & all other delivery options - 180 minutes after completing your order. 

How much duty and tax will I have to pay?

We're unable to supply estimated duties and taxes as this information will vary by country. Please note that if you place an order online, you will be responsible for all duties, taxes and customs charges. If your order is then refused, you will still be responsible for charges incurred in shipping the package. Even if you choose to return the item, you are required to receive the package first before applying for a refund.