Jungle Jamboree

A fantastical lush jungle where animals call home. From toucans to tigers, they all carefully roam.

Spirit of animal fairytales

A circus act here, a yoga pose there. Let your guards down, there's nothing to beware.

Jungle Jamboree

Invoking the spirit of animal fairytales of our childhood, the Jungle Jamboree invites you to ignite the spirited tiger, the luscious cheetah, and even the fantastical circus experiences you've only ever read about. We pay homage to the aesthetic of excess — translated into a collection of flora, fauna, felines and more on yoga towels, a yoga bolster and a yoga bag.

5mm Suede Mats Premium Yoga Towels 
A Sugarmat first!

Ultra lightweight and super sweat-soaking, you're not going to be a puddle of mess after your hot yoga sesh, for sure. Channel the fierce felines or our circusy acts and you've got yourself a winning combo!