These 6 Yoga Poses May Relieve Stress and Reduce Anxiety

These 6 Yoga Poses May Relieve Stress and Reduce Anxiety

Between navigating the pandemic and all the other stressors in your life, reducing stress levels is something that should be a priority. Practicing yoga is not only an effective stress reliever but also a way to ease symptoms of anxiety by bringing awareness to your body, mind, and breathing.

You don’t need to be an experienced guru to enjoy the benefits of yoga. Rather, you just need to find a little time to practice.

Here are 6 easy-to-do yoga poses that may keep you healthy, calm, and stress-free.

  1. Child Pose With Bolster Support
  2. Butterfly Pose With Bolster
  3. Supported Bridge Pose
  4. Thunderbolt Pose
  5. Easy Pose
  6. Legs Up The Wall Pose


Child Pose With Bolster Support

The supported child pose will keep you feeling relaxed and also may relieve tension and stiffness in your lower back. For this pose, you can use either blanket or bolster or even both. By keeping the bolster parallel to the floor, you can support your torso for your comfort.


Lying Down Butterfly Pose

This posture releases tension from your lower back. Lie down on a bolster or with a couple of pillows or a folded blanket. Pay attention to your body and your breathing and you may feel your stress dissolve.


Supported Bridge Pose

This posture is similar to a butterfly pose. Instead of just lying down, add a bolster/block under the lower back. This is a great resting pose. While is best done with extreme focus, this posture can be done casually as well.


Thunderbolt Pose

The body constricts when it feels stressed. Stress even affects the digestion process. The thunderstorm pose is great for the pelvic floor, which may aid in digestion if it’s given the attention it deserves.


Easy Pose

Meditative easy posture always soothing of the mind and gives a relaxed feeling. Sitting on a firm blanket, stretch out the legs, hands on the knees to stay focused


Legs Up The Wall Pose

Legs up Wall Pose brings instant stress relief to your legs. While it may take a little bit of practices, it is shown to release pressure from your legs and feet.

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