Using Sugarmat's Yoga Stretching Ring

Using Sugarmat's Yoga Stretching Ring

While we’re known for our yoga mats, Sugarmat also has a plethora of props to support your practice. The latest addition in our prop family is our Stretching Ring with artwork featuring Chasing Thoughts Away by Dana Mooney. 


Designed to improve your flexibility and aid your practice, the Stretching Ring features our best-selling Chasing Thoughts Away design, an homage to the city of Vancouver, and the inimitable great outdoors of British Columbia. The ring is compact and multifunctional; used properly, it assists you to deepen stretches, improves flexibility, and enhances yoga practice or mobility routine.

How to: Deep stretches

Use the yoga ring as a tool to deepen your stretches. The ring is contoured to conform to the body’s natural curvature; it provides stability during pulling exercises. You can hook the ball of your foot on to the ring, hook your hand onto the other side and stretch. Pull your arm straight, and feel the stretch down your legs. 


How to: Massages

Holding on to the shorter sides of the ring, run the ring along your upper legs and lower legs to relieve tension, DOMs or strained muscles. Our Stretching Ring can be used in similar ways to foam rollers and lacrosse balls; providing myofascial release, whilst aiding stiff muscles, helping to ease pain, restore alignment, and increase mobility of your muscles and joints.

Photo credit: @thichapilates


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