What to Buy When You Suck at Yoga

What to Buy When You Suck at Yoga

Yoga instructors and long time practitioners will tell you that you can’t suck at yoga. But from someone who personally thinks she sucks at it — I’m here to tell you I feel you. Yes, good things take time, but sometimes, when it comes to challenging yourself in terms of flexibility and strength, it takes a lot longer than you expect it to.

Whether it’s sedentary living, or you’re just not stretching like you should, it’ll all add up. Good thing there are things you can do and props to help you with your practice so you can go further and deeper gradually.

Yoga Blocks

Yoga Blocks help yogis to support your body during your practice. Whether you’re a newbie, an intermediate who can’t nail a pose, or you just need a little lift, our blocks, made of high-density and sturdy EVA foam for long-lasting durability, will have your back. Our blocks go a step further with beveled edges for soft, firm and easy gripping — plus they’re lightweight and non-slip even when you’re sweating up a storm. They’re to travel with, making them the perfect companion to take with you to yoga classes when you want to be extra sanitary.

Stretching Strap

If you can’t quite touch your toes just yet, or you need help getting into some Cirque du Soleil-worthy poses, a yoga strap might sort you out. Extend, support and deepen stretches while increasing range of motion with our soft yet sturdy strap. It provides stability and balance to help with optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased strength.


We know sometimes, props can be intimidating, but trust us when we tell you the bolster is anything but. With mixed density layers made up of recycled materials & PU foam, it’s not only eco-friendly, unlike many in the market, the cover is actually washable, durable and dirt resistant. We made it to make sure it will last a long time with you. And when all else fails, you can just lie on it and savasana.


Now you've got the props, now you gotta do the werk. Ask different people and you’ll hear a variety of answers, from the safest alignment, to even the connection with the energetic bodies and beyond. But to us, being good at yoga is merely, about showing up. Start today — take to your mat for two minutes. You're already good at it.

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  • Barb

    Thank you for this article. I am definitely someone that naturally sucks at yoga. Although I have fought to be active my entire life (I have fibromyalgia and myofascial syndrome), many yoga practices are difficult and painful for me. But…persistence has paid off. I do use all the props you mentioned and found that over time I have improved. And much to my joy, yoga does ultimately help ease my daily pain. The breathing also helps me in other stressful situations..I am no longer a breather holder.
    With practice I enjoy my yoga practices. I wish the same for everyone else like me that also sucks at yoga. Namaste!

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