Yoga at Home

Yoga at Home

Taking your practice to the confines of your own home can get a little daunting. Why yoga when you can namastay in bed all day, right? We get it. But with everybody spending so much more time indoors, it’s important to move your body a little. The best part of practice at home is that you can do you — a self-guided practice without having to keep up with the rest of the class, you can wear what you like and you can do it at whatever time you choose to. Best of all, your yoga practice at home teaches you to pay attention to your own body and what it needs.

Here’s what you need to create a conducive yoga space at home:


Obviously you need a SugarMat to get your practice started. We’ve got a range of PU, travel, premium suede and TPE. TPE mats are great for beginners and intermediate yogis looking for extra cushioning and joint protection as they are a good 5mm thick.

However, if you’re more a HIIT or strength workout kinda person, reach for our PU mats, which are durable and anti-slip — they stay put when you’re drenched with sweat and they’re wider and longer to give you more space for your session. Alternatively, try the Premium Suede Mat: with water-based inks, they actually help you grip the more you sweat and the prints won’t wear out with use. 

If you already have some cushioning like a carpet, you can try our Travel Mat for size. It’s foldable and easy to store, making it perfect for smaller apartments and compact spaces. Plus, like its name suggests you can travel with it too!

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Props help all levels of practitioners; they allow ease, stability and with consistency, you’ll appreciate the diversity and creative use they offer.

Blocks & Strap

Blocks create height and can help create more space within the body. They can help with alignment, stability and even intensify some poses.

A strap assists you in creating traction and space, while at the same time, lengthening parts of your body.


Yoga bolsters provide comfort, support poses and increase stretching during restorative postures and deep breathing exercises. Try a child’s pose with a bolster — you’ll find yourself more restored and relaxed than ever in the pose.



Make a commitment and make your yoga goal achievable — 10 min a day is a good start. Fit it into your life. At the same time, learn to listen to your body and honour your body’s boundaries. Learn to avoid pain, pinching and pushing. Warm up your body, and end it with a restorative savasana.

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