About Us

A group of chic and bubbly people based in Montreal working to add joy and style to your everyday physical activities. We care about yoga, especially your journey on the mat. Because finding the right mat isn’t easy, no matter your level. So we’ve kept it simple. With your yoga goals in mind, we’ve designed all our products to help you find your perfect zone of peace, comfort and balance.



Luxurious Mat & Towel Combo

Suede synthetic top absorbs sweat and moisture increasing traction and providing the best grip. The top is bonded to a 3.5mm naturally biodegradable tree rubber mat bottom for a lightweight, extra durable and well cushioned support. You no longer need to bring a separate mat and towel to class. All-in-one product.

Super Eco-Friendly

Respects the planet: Our bottom rubber is sourced from 100% natural rubber, while the top is made of suede. No toxic materials. Biodegradable: Sustainable, recyclable and reusable. This is really the ultra cool mat.


The more sweaty you get, the more grip you have on the mat, unlike other rubber mats. The presence of moisture makes one slip on your own watery mess, but not with our yoga mats. It increases traction the more you sweat preventing slips and injuries. Also ideal for Bikram, hot yoga, shtanga, pilates and other sweaty practice.

Aesthetics & Functionality Do Go Together

Non-fade prints: the mats colors and prints are designed to be resilient over time. v Machine Washable: Just throw it into the washing machine then hang to dry. Quick and easy. Reversible: Both sides can be used for your practice. All mats include a carrying strap.

Varying Thickness

Depends on your own usage and comfort, we have both 1.5 mm (1.34kg/ 3lbs) and 3.0 mm (1.8kg/ 4.1lbs). This really depends on your priorities: whether you like more cushion for your yoga practice or you prefer to carry a lighter yoga mat to the studio. All prints come in both sizes.