Curate a conducive sanctuary for your yoga practice at home.

There’s no better time to put your hands to heart center than in these times of high stress and anxiety. We’ve curated essentials to help you continue your heart openers and back bends to bring you comfort and ease, even in your own space.


Whatever foundation you need to namaslay, we have a range of Premium, TPE and PU mats for you to choose from.


Go deeper into your poses, or use these as support.

Yoga Block - Plum - Sugarmat
Yoga Block - Plum
Yoga Block - Pink - Sugarmat
Yoga Block - Pink
Stretching strap

Access a bind, or get into a pose you haven’t been able to with the use of a strap.

Yoga Stretching Strap - Plum - Sugarmat
Yoga Stretching Strap - Plum
Yoga Stretching Strap - Pink - Sugarmat
Yoga Stretching Strap - Pink

Up to cozy ante in your little home studio with a bolster to support and comfort you. 

Yoga Bolster - Sugarmat
Yoga Bolster